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The Pray That You May Escape Study Guide

If you want to dig deeper into the fascinating subject of end-times prophecy, then the companion study guide for Pray That You May Escape is for you.  You will find it equally helpful whether you want to do a personal study or you plan to explore the subject within a study group.  The questions have been carefully selected to highlight each chapter/topic so that you will better learn the main points, to make you think deeper, and to help stimulate conversation within groups.

Pray That You May Escape Study Guide

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Includes Over 100 Prophecy-Related Bible Verses!

The last section of the study guide may be one of the most popular features of all, as it contains over 100 Bible verses that can be found in the Pray That You May Escape book.  That section will help you quickly locate verses as you do more study, it will help you explain your position on certain topics to others, and it will generally just help you become more familiar with some especially important prophecy-related verses. The verses are divided by the same chapter titles found in Pray That You May Escape to make locating verses in the book much easier when/if you want to. Also, since the chapter titles reflect prophecy-related subjects, the format will help you better understand their context.

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Since many people purchase both the book and study guide together (and possibly several at once if when it's going to be used for a study group), the order page offers the option of purchasing them in whatever quantity you would like. Further instructions will be provided on the order page.

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